Compass Upgrades Marketing Center For Real Estate Agents

The company has often introduced and revealed new technologies.

Compass announced on Friday new upgrades to its Marketing Center, a design and digital advertising platform designed to help agents promote their offerings.

“Yesterday I was talking about the importance of having a positive mindset, and today I’d like to speak to you about what it means to have a rich mindset,” said Robert Reffkin, CEO of Compass, in an email to the Agents. “It means thinking that there will always be more than there will never be enough.”

A screenshot of the marketing center. | Image credit: compass

“At Compass, this means that even during this time you will devote more resources (abundance!) To keeping in touch with your customers and strengthening your relationships,” added Reffkin. “That’s why we’ve started rolling out a number of updates to the Marketing Center that will save you more time by making it faster and easier than ever to create great marketing assets.”

Aesthetic improvements to the Compass marketing center include a redesigned homepage, a more intuitive workflow and a more user-friendly user experience. The company also added a weekly spotlight section featuring updated, local, and curated content developed by local designers.

The company’s most requested feature will also be launched this month: an asset library for images and logos.

The new asset library has been integrated into Compass’ marketing center. | Image credit: compass

“Ever struggle to keep track of the various photos, images, and logos that you want to use frequently?” Asked Reffkin. “With this tool, you can easily find and access all of them right in the Marketing Center.”

“And next month you’ll also have access to Compass’ extensive library of branded values ​​to use in any of your marketing collateral.”

Compass has aggressively rolled out and unveiled aspects of its technology platform over the past few weeks as many real estate markets have slowed to a crawl. Compass isn’t alone in investing in and adopting new technology or taking advantage of new features and speeding up its roadmap, but it’s also not alone in being forced to make significant layoffs like its broker rival Redfin and eXp Realty.

“I believe the more you give in life, the more you get in return – and the better you’ll feel along the way,” Reffkin said Friday in the email announcing the changes to the Marketing Center. “At a moment like this when it is all too easy to fall into the thinking of scarcity, our goal at Compass is to keep you in a wealth of mindsets by providing you with new tools, resources, and new tools throughout the period Provide support. “

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