Denver commercial real estate association picks new leader | Business

Denver’s largest commercial real estate association selected Rachel Marion to lead the organization.

Marion, who previously served as the director of government affairs at Denver International Airport, succeeds Katie Kruger as CEO of the Denver Metro Commercial Association of Realtors. It started on Monday.

“Rachel brings a deep understanding of the Denver real estate landscape and a proven track record of creative problem-solving approaches at the local, state, and state levels,” said Association President Charley Will. said in a statement. “She has earned the respect and admiration of business leaders and elected officials alike through her holistic approach to legislative and regulatory matters, strategy development and lobbying.”

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With more than 2,000 members, the association describes itself as the largest commercial real estate group in the country.

“We are at a crucial moment in the growth of our region – before important decisions that will shape our future for the coming decades,” Marion said in a statement. “Commercial real estate will continue to play a critical role in defining this vision in our cities. I am honored for the opportunity to build on Katie’s incredible legacy and look forward to courageously leading DMCAR through these issues in a collaborative and inclusive manner. “

Kruger took over the position of market leader in Colorado and senior managing director of CBRE earlier this month.

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Marion “previously represented a variety of startups, large corporations, industry associations, landowners, public utilities, real estate developers, contractors, specialty districts and community organizations through successful project and policy outcomes in her role as a consultant at CRL Associates”. Born in Denver, he is a lawyer and a graduate of the University of Colorado Law School.

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“Rachel’s passion for the city is second to none, and her career path has connected her to the industries and topics that are most important to our association and our members,” said Will. “From commercial real estate to energy and transportation issues, she has shown a clear understanding of the complex challenges we face and communicated her vision to move our city and country forward with a responsible approach.”