Five Smart Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

The world of real estate has changed enormously in a short period of time. From the challenges of the real estate bubble and subsequent bankruptcy to changes in the way people buy homes and qualify for mortgages, real estate agents have faced endless challenges. The new technology-based social media is developing at lightning speed (literally!) And has become an integral part of almost every industry, including the real estate business. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the process of 100% virtualization, because let’s be honest – nobody wants to touch these business cards and flyers anymore!

Five Smart Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents
by Maxwell Alexander, VP Global Marketing at AlmaxRealty

If you are a real estate professional, these changes in buying habits are all too familiar to you. It wasn’t long ago that potential buyers would drive around their select neighborhoods, attend open houses, and pick up flyers along the way. These days, these buyers are more likely to shop on their sofas, search for suitable properties on their phones and tablets, and take virtual tours of the published images and videos.

The move to online home shopping has presented real estate agents with both challenges and opportunities. Agents who fail to adapt to these changes run the risk of falling behind and losing their edge, while those who know how to use social media benefit. Here are five smart social media tips to help real estate agents thrive in this brave new world.

Provide valuable content and real / authentic advice.

Social media shouldn’t just be about marketing. Successful real estate agents are ready to help their clients with anything from moving tips to advice on home staging. By incorporating this valuable content into your Instagram + Facebook posts, TikToks, tweets and other social media interactions, you can increase customer loyalty and improve your chances of success. Warning: stay real and don’t use other people’s content! Speak from your own experience and use your own examples and authentic content such as your own photos, videos and quotes. Social media platforms and search engines are smart enough to recognize photos, copied / pasted texts, videos and memes with movie screenshots and celebrity faces that you downloaded from the internet and they become your content or your entire account forever, so good, shadow lucky to get any likes from this type of stolen content. Another warning from a professional graphic designer and SEO strategist: never place typography (text) over images as you have already failed just thinking about it. The main reason is that search engine algorithms rank posts with text lower, and that you probably don’t have a master’s degree in typography, and your $ 0.99 “cute headline” creation app just reveals your amateur approach. Remember that a good picture is worth a thousand words. So don’t try to embellish (= ruin) it with badly executed 3 additional words, and if the picture is not good enough at all, just put it on. don’t post it at all.

Focus on quality of life and community rather than buildings.

When people buy a house, they are not just buying an apartment. You are buying into a lifestyle and the nature of the neighborhood will greatly influence the decision-making process. Successful real estate agents know this and use social media to talk about different neighborhoods and what they have to offer. From news about the local school district to a calendar of events at a nearby park, these quality of life posts can make the difference and turn browsers into buyers. At the same time as a licensee, you must obey the rules of the Fair Housing Act and appear respectful, considerate, and professional while remaining true to yourself.

Invest in professional photography assets.

Expert-quality real estate photography is king when it comes to real estate marketing. You heard it right! Google, Zillow, Trulia, and all other real estate marketing platforms are optimized to deliver amazing photos and NOT videos, virtual tours, real-time turnkey video solutions, or any other trending “marketing junk” these sellers want to sell for Hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. The ability to post pictures is one of your most valuable social media marketing tools. You want to make sure your properties look as good on screen as they do in person. Work with a professional real estate photographer (not a man next door who bought a professional camera from BestBuy). Professional photographers do not take pictures of buildings, but tell a story through their photos, use the light and layout to represent feelings and a certain mood, set accents and show possibilities. This is where the value lies, and it is your fiduciary responsibility to your seller customer to be able to communicate that value through amazing and professional real estate photography.

Use your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok accounts to share new entries.

You should share your new listings on social media, consider new properties for potential buyers, and increase your sales opportunities. Your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok feeds are the perfect places for this stream of new entries, and you need to get the most of it. One thing to keep in mind: stay medium sized, which means Instagram is great for pictures and hashtags, Facebook is great for pictures and a link to Zillow or your own property listing, Twitter is great for text and popular hashtags, and TikTok of course it is made for 15 second videos. Although you can share different types of content on all of these networks, you get the best ROI on content that a particular platform specializes in, resulting in more likes, views, engagement, and ultimately leads.

Beautify your social media marketing feed with relevant but juicy content.

Real estate is the most interesting and exciting thing you ever thought possible. However, your social media audience doesn’t believe this. Not just because there are pictures of cats and cute puppies, but also because realtors are one of those professions that struggle with a negative baggage of consumer sentiment (you can learn more about that in my personal branding bootcamp) than a real and fun one To come across as a person rather than something close to a used car dealer. I’m sure you have some talents and hobbies because you didn’t get into real estate just to be a boring nine-to-five person. So share it on your social media accounts along with a healthy share of less desirable real estate content. Don’t forget to check in and use relevant keywords and hashtags to keep your content section specific. Geotargeting allows you to focus on a specific city or region in which you operate. Additionally, the nature of the relevant non-real estate content can help you reach a specific audience. For example, if you’re looking to sell luxury real estate, think of content related to a luxury lifestyle. Or, if you’re selling commercial real estate, share content relevant to that specific niche market. The more precisely you optimize your content, the easier it will be to reach the right people.

Social media can be a powerful tool for professionals from all walks of life. From sharing valuable information to your customer base to targeted marketing, social media offers tremendous potential for any salesperson. If real estate is your product, you can use the power of social media to speak up, attract new buyers, and build on your previous successes. However, not every real estate company is as forward-looking as Alexander Maxwell Realty – the best real estate team in New York’s Hudson Valley region. I am fortunate enough to lead the company’s global marketing strategy because thanks to social media and advances in communication technologies, the local real estate market has never been more global. The new generation of property buyers has grown up with cutting edge technological solutions, and that is exactly what they expect from us real estate agents. AlmaxRealty has their agents covered in all aspects of real estate marketing and infrastructure with world class free photography, global sales, PR, personal branding, not to mention every AlmaxRealty agent has their own personal mobile app that they share with their clients can. How cool is that If you are thinking of making a move, now is the right time. Don’t hesitate to contact me ( if you have any questions or just check the commission breakdown. After that, you’ll be sure to schedule your onboarding interview and join the best real estate team in the Hudson Valley!

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