Fractional Real Estate Investment Platform Company Fintor Raises $2.5 Million 

  • Fintor recently announced that it raised $ 2.5 million in an opening round. These are the details.

Fintor recently announced that it raised $ 2.5 million in an initial round to build a real estate investment platform. Investors in Fintor’s seed round include 500 startups, Hustle Fund, Graphene Ventures, Manny Khoshbin, Mana Ventures, Cindy Bi, Skyler Fernandes, VU Venture-Partner, Minal Hasan, Andrew Zalasin, Alluxo CEO and founder Safa Mahzari, SquareFoot -CEO and founder Jonathan Wasserstrum and Teachable CEO and founder Ankur Nagpal.

Fintor was developed by serial co-founders Farshad Yousefi and Masoud Jalali. Essentially, Fintor “fractionates” houses and other residential properties, giving people in the US access to real estate investment opportunities starting at just $ 5.

The Fintor technology platform would allow any property to market their own offering through the platform, split the property into shares, set a share price and give consumers the opportunity to invest. And ultimately, the platform intends to provide investors with regular trading opportunities through trading windows, thus creating liquidity for holders while protecting against volatility.


“At Fintor, we hope to nurture the next generation of real estate investors so that you no longer need hundreds of thousands of dollars and industry connections to capitalize on real estate. We’re building Fintor to open the real estate investment class to millions of Millennials and Gen Z’ers who otherwise wouldn’t stand a chance, and we’re making it easy to get started with real estate investing with $ 5 and a smartphone. ”

– Fintor Co-Founder and CEO Farshad Yousefi