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PHILADELPHIA, April 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – GoldOller Real Estate Investments announced today that it has acquired the location at 3145 Grays Ferry Ave and that it will soon lay the foundation stone for the development of a five-story, air-conditioned, self-storage facility covering 157,000 square meters. The $ 20 million The project will become a cornerstone for the Gray Ferry Gateway Corridor.

According to Jake Hollinger, President of GoldOller: “Our low impact building will greatly enhance the Grays Ferry Corridor while providing a variety of self storage options for individuals and small businesses in University City.” City centerand South Philadelphia. The site, just yards from 34th Street and University Ave Bridge, Fitter Square and Washington Ave, is adjacent to and fully visible from the Schuylkill Expressway. Our clean lines and creative angular design will embrace the elevated Schuylkill Expressway while still maintaining the street space of Grays Ferry Ave. Camp in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia last year.

GoldOller headquartered in Philadelphiais one of the largest multi-family owner-operators in the country with a portfolio of more than 40,000 residential units in 18 states. According to GoldOller Chairman, Richard Oller“Our interest in self-storage and other asset classes does not signal a departure from our core business with apartments. GoldOller has more than completed the past year $ 100 million of new housing and mixed-use developments, and $ 566 million of apartment acquisitions in New York, Illinois, Ohio and S. Carolina, representing 4,660 residential units. As we continue to build our apartment footprint, we look forward to exploring new areas, especially the one in our own back yard. “

The CVA Commercial Group has been advising GoldOller on the Grays Ferry project since 2019 Vince Jolly, Founder and CEO of CVA: “The location is practically at the intersection of the Schuylkill Expressway. City center, South Philadelphiaand university town. It’s absolutely the best place for students, homeowners, renters, and small businesses, and the timing is perfect. We are very excited to see a vacant lot in an opportunity zone come to life. “

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Contact: Jake Hollinger, [email protected]

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