How marketing and communications are helping real estate sector to grow – People

People need places to live, work and relax – and as such, the fundamentals of real estate may not have changed much over time, but the way the industry communicates has changed dramatically recently.

The changing technologies had done their part in how communication was going in the industry, the pandemic accelerated this trend to create new forms of property marketing that are essential for every modern property operator.

According to the IBEF (Indian Brand Equity Foundation), India’s real estate sector is expected to contribute 13 percent to the country’s GDP by 2025; and reach $ 1 trillion by 2030. This proves in a way that this is an enticing industry to invest in and participate in. But one has to understand that the real estate sector is very extensive, covering a wide variety of options such as residential, commercial, real estate investments and more. Therefore, one should consider factors such as domain knowledge, availability, budget and market preferences in order to first select the right subject.

Gone are the “open days” – once the foundation of residential real estate. Recall Phil Dunphy of Modern Family trying to create an atmosphere for prospects on a particular day, juggling clients when they overlap, staging to the best of his ability … even if she was just finishing up one Watch the series, real estate marketing has changed.

The shift took place in the direction of an online room that was available at all times with a multi-pronged approach to the presentation of offers. A website is of course a must and the more mobile the better. An appealing, responsive website is not only desirable now, it is a must, a first step, so to speak.

Complete the site with a blog. While visuals are crucial, most customers want to read more about what’s on offer, and a blog is an effective way to create updated content. Another way to get attention is through social media – best with a proper social media strategy, especially since different social media channels attract different audience segments and present different types of digital content. By actively engaging with those on the platform, a much larger customer base can be created as the reach of these platforms is potentially enormous. The use of relevant hashtags in the posts can appeal to the target audience. Be creative with the hashtags aside from generic ones; Try to use hashtags that fit your location and segment.

It is a common fact that the world is moving further and further into the digital age and Internet penetration has increased rapidly in India. It is therefore highly recommended that this medium be included in the planning of your company’s communication strategies. To save time and effort, people start their search for new properties online. Therefore, it is important for the company to keep the needs, interests and requirements of the customers in the foreground in the strategy of their social media campaign.

A new must for cutting edge real estate agents and companies is of course video content. Studies indicate that professional video content in offers attracts many times more inquiries, which translates into sales. Videos can also be created to build the agency’s brand and highlight its USPs, thus creating awareness among potential clients. Videos can also have educational value and create additional trust with customers.

In addition to general videos, virtual tours through the offers are a good tool for marketing your offers. Virtual tours can provide a unique insight into the properties, with studies showing that they are popular with prospective buyers. Since customers want to get up close and personal with the property they are considering, a virtual tour is excellent bait. In a world where Covid hesitation is real for many, taking virtual tours could be a time and cost efficient way to get in touch.

Images, of course, haven’t gone away, and high-quality images are, of course, still the first medium that attracts attention for most buyers. Use specialist real estate photographers to get the results you want in your photos. Micro-location specific marketing campaigns that focus on their goals are another new way to market your properties.