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The pandemic messed up the real estate world as people emptied from offices, hotels and malls and worked from home. This disruption has transformed the way people and businesses finance, operate and occupy real estate.

Some big firms like WarnerMedia have reconsidered their office space needs – and some commercial real estate deals were put on hold when funding dried up. Coworking and flex office companies are grappling with large rental obligations after years of rapid growth.

Still, some companies like Facebook have pushed plans for large office space, showing that it may be too early to leave the office.

A surge in e-commerce is fueling demand for storage and cold storage as companies look for new ways to reach customers. Life science companies are creating a huge boom in the demand for laboratory space. An increase in streaming content consumption and the need for cloud data has resulted in studio spaces and data centers running cutting edge real estate deals.

And as the pandemic increases the number of food deliveries and hurts the restaurants’ bottom line, the ghost kitchens have seen a rush of risk finance.

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