Link Real Estate Investment Trust : ESG Evaluation score raised by S&P

  • Link’s score on S&P Global Ratings ESG Ratings Report has been increased to 73, taking into account the company’s decarbonization initiatives and expansion in mainland China

  • Link’s governance does particularly well because it reflects a strong structure, oversight, good code and values

Link Real Estate Investment Trust (Link, Hong Kong Stock Code: 823) received a score of 73 out of 100 in the second S&P Global Ratings ESG Evaluation Report, an improvement over the first rating of 72 obtained in the January 2021 scale, higher Numbers in their ratings indicate greater sustainability.

Link’s ESG scoring assessment and appropriate preparation remain in line with global real estate best practices. They reflect Link’s robust governance structure, strong ability to deal with future disruptions, and overall good management of environmental and social risks. The rating is also evidence of Link’s efforts to improve the carbon footprint of its business while also taking into account its continued expansion in mainland China.

According to S&P, “Link has taken concrete steps to reduce the impact of its business on greenhouse gas emissions. Link’s decarbonization initiatives included implementing efficient energy management systems and retrofitting properties with energy-efficient lighting. The proportion of plants with green building certification has doubled compared to the previous year due to investments in plant improvements and acquisitions. ”

The COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the importance of corporate ESG practices. The utilization of Link’s portfolio has remained stable during the ongoing pandemic. At the same time, according to S&P, the joint initiatives and the share of expenditure in sales are well comparable with those of the industry.

Link also did particularly well in the area of ​​governance, which reflects its strong structure, supervision, good code and values. The composition of the Board of Directors of Link is characterized by diversity, relevant skills and international experience as well as a high level of independence.

Link chairman Nicholas Allen said:

“The rating underscores Link’s commitment to improving our ESG standards. As we pursue our sustainability goals according to our Net Zero Strategy 2035, we will continue to raise the bar and implement various sustainability initiatives across our property portfolio and with our stakeholders to create a more vibrant future for generations to come. ”

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Link Real Estate Investment Trust (Hong Kong Stock Exchange Code: 823), managed by Link Asset Management Limited, is a leading global REIT with a focus on retail. Link was listed as the first REIT in Hong Kong in 2005 and is wholly owned by public and institutional investors and is part of the Hang Seng Index. Based in Hong Kong, Link manages a diversified portfolio that includes retail facilities, parking lots and offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, London and Sydney. Link is striving to extend its portfolio growth path and seize expansion opportunities in various markets in order to achieve its medium-term goal of Vision 2025. Further information can be found at: