Link Real Estate Investment Trust : Funds NGOs to Drive Social Innovation

  • Link to the total of $ 15.5 million paid out in 2021/2022 to support the charity and community engagement program

  • Funded projects aim to close gaps in the social area with creative solutions

  • Over $ 100 million has been allocated through the Link Together Initiatives to support ministries in all 18 districts of Hong Kong

Link Asset Management Limited (Link), the manager of Link Real Estate Investment Trust (Link REIT), announced today (Thursday) that Link Together Initiatives, its flagship charity and community engagement program, will enter FY 2021 Will pay out US $ 15.5 million / 2022 to support eight projects that aim to find creative solutions to social service needs and improve the well-being of individuals and communities.

Nicholas Allen, Link’s CEO, said, “Link has helped a wide variety of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), especially smaller NGOs, meet the changing needs of social services from a new perspective and find creative solutions that we hope our collaboration will bring with these NGOs has a positive impact on society. ”

Projects supported by Link Together Initiatives in 2021/2022 are anchored in the priority areas of youth development, active aging and resource management as well as social inclusion. The following projects will start in October this year.

  1. Arts ‘Options’ Inspirational Drama Program for Elderly – redefines the social construct of older people by helping seniors rediscover their theatrical talent. The program provides professional education for the elderly with the aim of providing them with a platform to express themselves and rekindle their passion for life while filling the “offspring” they need in the local theater industry;

  2. “Integration Brings Bountiful Joy in Work” by Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service – redesigns the solution to help two vulnerable groups in society: adolescents with special educational needs (SEN) such as ADHD patients and seniors with dementia by helping one to be merged Another. After a structured training, the active person supplements the forgetful and at the same time fills the social supply gaps in vocational training and elderly workers;

  3. Nature LINK 2022 by the Environmental Association – commits local residents to become Butterfly Ambassadors to jointly manage Hong Kong’s growing cross-district ecological network of butterfly gardens, each unique to their community, and to bring the community together to promote biodiversity in Cities increase landscapes and raise awareness of environmental protection;

  4. Bo Charity Foundation’s Food Angel – We Link We Share Program – is setting up rotating pop-up stores in Link malls to expand its reach among communities in addition to reprocessing edible surplus food into meals for the needy and for Spreading the message of reducing food waste;

  5. InspiringHK Sports Foundation’s SportsLINK Community Project – provides youth with professional long-distance running training and connects all age groups in the community through a range of physical activity activities;

  6. A Plastic Ocean Foundation’s Future Maker Hub – provides science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education to basic family students and encourages participants to reflect on the application of STEM in addressing environmental issues;

  7. Shanghai Smiles Foundation’s Vocational Education Project (Estate Management 2021) – provides grants and opportunities for students from disadvantaged families in rural mainland China to receive vocational training in Shanghai and nurture new talent in the city’s property management industry. It is the first Link Together Initiative project to be implemented outside of Hong Kong; and

  8. Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association’s Guide Dogs Development Program – aims to help people with visual impairment and help them live their lives independently and with dignity.

“Link Together Initiatives” aims to promote sustainability development in the communities around Link’s properties. Each year Link contributes an amount of up to 0.25% of its net asset income from the previous financial year to support social projects run by NGOs. Launched in 2013, this charity and community engagement program has raised over $ 100 million in services covering all 18 districts of Hong Kong. Link plans to pay out a total of $ 15.5 million in 2021/2022, which will be a record.

Details of the eight funded projects are given in the appendix.

High resolution images can be downloaded here.

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