Medical Leverage, a communications company taps Industry Marketing Veteran to Join Strategic Solutions Team, Accelerating Its Growth and Expansion Plans | State

CARY, NC, February 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Medical Leverage, a communications company (ml) A full-service medical communication agency looks forward to welcoming you Don Bowen to his Strategic Solutions team as a content strategist. With Bowen, that ml team continues to see growth in both business and human resources as more than 8 new employees have been added in the past 6 months.

Bowen brings nearly 30 years of brand and sales leadership experience. He joins that ml team from a brief independent strategic advisory role preceded by a long career at GlaxoSmithKline that led many well-known marketing brands and teams. He worked closely with cross-functional teams and managed both strategic and tactical branding elements.

Don joins that ml team in unprecedented times. The agency’s revenue and staff are expected to double over the course of 2021. The growth is fueled by a solid base of customers who have worked with ml For almost 7 years, we have gained 9 new customers in the last 12 months and expanded our range of products ml Products and services.

“Bowen’s experience and expertise make him unique,” says the President of Medical Leverage. Dave Oury. “When Don is sitting with a client to discuss their insights, strategy, content, and tactics, he has an extensive experience in a location similar to the client that allows him to know what’s on the horizon. He must Not.” You are told what to do or what to do next, “says Oury.” I believe this is one of the greatest values ​​of the ml team brings their customers – our ability to think and act with experience and foresight. This approach and the alignment with our core values ​​lead to a significant transformation for our customers. “

Medical Leverage is a medical communications company providing full-service solutions to pharmaceutical, biotech, biopharmaceutical, medical device and medical diagnostics companies. We improve healthcare communication through education by working strategically with life science companies and providers.

For the past nearly 20 years, we have had the special privilege of working with marketing, medical affairs, sales training, and market access teams at US and international companies. We know that there is a patient behind every product. and behind every program is a healthcare professional. We focus on our customers so they can focus on their patients and healthcare professionals.