New Commercial Real Estate Investment Offering With 15% Target Returns

CrowdStreet has announced its latest member ownership real estate investment opportunity in Village East Retail Partners, LLC, a 135,477 square foot mall in Salem, Oregon. The sponsor expects a 15.1% target return out of business.

Latest offer: Village East is a retail store and is located at the intersection of Lancaster Drive NE and Sunnyview Road NE. The property currently has 16 tenants with a weighted average lease term of 4.6 years. With an occupancy rate of 82%, the property offers a stable cash flow with considerable upside potential through rental opportunities.

Investment highlights: Prospective investors can invest up to $ 3,500,000 in the membership interests of Village East Retail Partners, LLC. The company will use the proceeds to acquire a 100 percent interest in Village East Property Owner, LLC, the lessor.

The sponsor’s goal is to acquire, renovate, lease and eventually sell the Village East Shopping Center. The sponsor is providing $ 810,000 of the total equity investment of $ 8,000,000. Major tenants include Ross, Big 5, La Tapatia and Five Guys.

  • Minimum investment: $ 25,000

  • Target investor IRR: 15.1%

  • Target equity multiple: 1.8x

  • Average annual cash yield target value: 10.8%

  • Investment period: 5 years

Deal sponsor: US Realty Partners is an expert real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition, asset management, development and renovation of high quality retail properties in key market areas in the western United States. The company owns 15 retail properties with total rental space in excess of 2 million square feet.

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Photo: Courtesy of CrowdStreet.

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