OMNI Estate Group & Passive Income are Launching Europe’s First Tokenized Real Estate Assets $ORT

The OMNI Estate Group is pleased to announce the introduction of the OMNI Real Estate Token ($ ORT) to the Crypto & Real Estate Investment Community.

$ ORT will serve as the first token of its kind, Europe’s first real estate token. The OMNI Estate Group will use $ ORT as a native token to facilitate investments in real estate with cryptocurrency. $ ORT owners benefit from investment incentives, ROI benefits, access to real estate and much more within the ecosystem and the NFT marketplace.

What might surprise many about the introduction of the $ ORT token is the incredible partnership between the OMNI Estate Group and Passive Income. $ ORT was created by the NaaS (NFT as a Service) feature of the Passive Income ($ PSI) platform and is bringing an incredible amount of revolution to this industry.

The $ ORT token sale

The $ ORT token sale will be considered one of the most memorable events in the history of crowdfunding in the crypto space. Immediately after the token sale was announced, the $ ORT token was sold out within 5 minutes. This is really noteworthy as many DeFi projects tend to organize multiple rounds of token sales to meet their softcap. However, some of these projects do not receive enough funding to achieve their goal.

The timeframe in which the $ ORT token was launched shows the interest and confidence investors have placed in this project.

$ LOCATION and what it means for real estate

The $ ORT token brings much-needed innovations and advances to the real estate industry. This token, which was introduced in the Binance Smart Chain, is the first step towards decentralizing financial assets and integrating real estate into the blockchain.

With more transparency and security, $ ORT will enable its owners to invest in real estate in the marketplace, opening up myriad of options for investors no matter how big or small by using verifiable digital ownership and tracking investments and cash flows .

$ ORT and what it means for Crypto

As the first token of its kind tied to the world’s largest asset class, $ ORT brings a whole new group of investors into the blockchain and crypto space.

It provides the ability to diversify cryptocurrency portfolios at the right time and easily invest in safe real world assets. $ ORT owners can invest in, buy and sell real estate on the NFT marketplace, which is currently under development.

With a large part of the tokens allocated for use, $ ORT offers exclusive benefits and rewards for owners and new investors to enter the real estate market with more confidence, transparency and security.

What is passive income?

Passive Income is a revolutionary blockchain platform that is fundamentally changing the way income farming is done in the decentralized financial sector. In essence, passive income introduces a new type of passive earning to DeFi without relying on third parties. Your product will benefit DeFi users in a number of ways, including:

  • No risk of inconsistent loss. Providing liquidity is arguably one of the most common methods of breeding income in Defi, and inexperienced users often suffer inconsistent losses. However, with passive income, users don’t have to worry about inconsistent losses as there is no opportunity to provide liquidity.
  • No claim fees. Reward distribution in many DeFi applications is done manually, but passive income is not. Instead, rewards are distributed automatically. This makes the process completely free.
  • No complications. Defi-income generation protocols typically require smart contracts to interact in one way or another, which involves risks and complications. However, with PSI, users only need their personal wallets and they are all ready.

The Omni Estate Group has successfully introduced the $ ORT token in cooperation with Passive Income (PSI) thanks to NaaS from PSI. The token is used to operate activities within the ORT ecosystem of the OMNI Estate Group $ faster and more cheaply compared to the traditional financial sector.

The $ ORT OMNI Real Estate Token will revolutionize the real estate industry and bring a new generation of asset tokens for the world’s largest asset class.

About the OMNI Estate Group

Omni Estate Group is an innovative real estate and investment company with a solid track record of providing first class services to buyers and clients in various industries for several years. Throughout their experience in the industry and now with a new endeavor, the $ ORT team is now very proactive with every project they undertake. What makes them even more competent when it comes to serving their customers is their hands-on approach. In every task assigned to the OMNI Estate Group, be it construction, design, management, etc., they must offer their customers the best possible value for money. The Omni Estate Group can offer a wide variety of properties including residential, industrial, medical, etc. properties with a significant background in various aspects of acquisition such as construction, operations, management and development.

Photo by Étienne Beauregard-Riverin on Unsplash