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Photos by Steve Stefanides

The real estate market has grown significantly over the past six months, and the local market on both Marco Island and all of South Florida are no exception, According to many of Marco’s real estate professionals. “We see an amazing marketplace for sales here on Marco Island,” said Jim Prange, a long time Broker on the island who came here in 1980 when he was 23 years old. Prange had worked with his father at Crown Point, meN, where his father introduced him to the real estate business and the dream Deltona Corporation sold through his father’s ReMax Franchise in Northwest Indiana.

Photos by Steve Stefanides

I I think it was Mark Twain said when you’ve found something you love to do They would never work in yours for a day Life, ” commented Prange during a conversation about the changing marketplace on Marco Island last week. That was true Prangehow he would find his passion in life if he drove the dinghyey bridge in late 1980.

Prange has been busy compiling his annual State of the Island Property Report for Marco Island for the past few months. He will publish this report to his customer base in early January 2021. He was amazed by the trends The he and his daughter Nikki Prange-Carroll have been Review in the last two months or so.

Prange work firsted for Marco Beach Realty and Leonard Llewellyn on arrival in Marco 40 years ago. That would start something was a four decades Long Love relationship with the Marco island Real estate business. His daughter Nikki came to him 15 years ago and they teamed up a remarkably successful one Business relationship during this time.

He learned on this facility strong personal relationships with his customers would be the key to his success. Many of these long-term relationships would begin with long hours sitting in the sales trailers that were on the construction sites along the beach. Prange would take many of these potential customers on his “personal tours” of the island.

Though thÖTimes have been challenging because of a Recession and high interest rates during the Carter Administration, the allthe tropical ambience of the island, the vision of Mackle brothers and some creativity Prange’s Part formed a solid foundation for his future success.

Fast forward to 2020, and We see a marketplace that has been surpass many of the years before, despite current Challenges. Prange found that “understanding” the numbers would be a large part of his respected reputation among his peers.

Photos by Steve Stefanides

Photo by John Cavanagh

According to Prange, the inventory of available homes, condos, and land for sale is at the the lowest levels that’s what he’s seen during his 40 years here on Marco Island. It is his understanding of the Marketplace where he can bring long-standing customers, their families and friends together solid Investment advice in relation to Marco.

When asked if he saw a correlation between the volatility in value of real estate on the island and the impact of the COVID-19 problems The swept the nation Prange agreed it had a head A hit. “People who have been considering a purchase are taking this seriously acquire an escape from some of the hardest hit areas. If you’ve found you could from far When you work from home, you and your family would rather shovel snow, pay high income and real estate taxes, or move to Southwest Florida. I guess the answer is quite obviously, “said Prange.

He also thought about the market when “speculators” bought real estate for inflated prices and financing at 90 to 100%or values. That helped to refuel the 2008 downturn in the real estate market. A dozen years later, the Buyerss we see buying today not for speculative purposes but instead, for use themselvesmeach of them use cash, said Prange.

Another phenomenon

Merging lots to make bigger ones possibleMega houses is no longer an option. Some of them are starting to materialize all over the island as 80-foot and 100-foot lots combine to create a more significant homes to be built. Previously, The larger homes were a product of the “estate” portion of the island, but now they’re where the views and lots areincluding “Demolitions,“are available for those whose imagination has no limits.

People retire earlier, many with combined family units The rneed more square meters. This requirement is driven by the need for more– –Home work, increase in the number of school-age children, the need for increased warehouse room, the Desire for at home exercise Facilities, more vehicle storage and the advent of more multi-generational households.

Take one If you just drive around the island you will not only discover some beautifully decorated houses for the holiday season, but also a considerable amount of new construction.