Pulse: Readers Share Their Favorite Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

Start the fall with Inman’s Marketing and Branding Month. We dig deep into agent branding and spending best practices with Zillow, realtor.com, and others. Top marketing managers also stop by to share their latest tactics. That’s all it takes to take your branding and marketing game to the next level.

Pulse is a recurring column in which we ask readers for opinions on various topics in a weekly survey and report on our results.

Good marketing can really make all the difference in any agent’s business – it’s what gets the attention and gets your message across to those who need to see it. So how do you do it well We asked our readers for inspiration last week and invited them to share their favorite marketing campaigns and tell us why they were so effective.

Usually – typically – our readers get through. In this week? Well, we’ve heard crickets aside from these two (very impressive) examples that cut through the chirp. Because of this, we’d like to expand the conversation to include the comments section. We hope you will join in with other great videos and websites. (Yes, even if they are yours!)

  • This was my favorite. I had a house for sale with a nice tennis court. The house cost $ 6.5 million. It wasn’t sold. But I made $ 16 million in revenue from both consumers and agents watching the video. It’s so important to look at your company’s ROI – not the ROI of each entry. I spent $ 20,000 marketing this house with the tennis court that didn’t sell. It didn’t bother me because it helped me do a lot more business in the future. Here is the link to the award-winning video.
  • Real estate advertorial (paid column space) in local newspapers. I write my Real Estate Today column for most of my 19 years in the business and publish it in paid space in three local weeklies and on Thursdays in the Denver Post. I’ve built a fan base that is paying off every year and is worth my $ 40.00 to $ 50,000 budget for advertising. Visit www.JimSmithColumns.com for over a decade of archived ads / columns.

What did we miss Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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