Ralph Dibugnara Launches The Real Estate Disruptor Program To Help Brokers Succeed

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO / ACCESSWIRE / July 28, 2020 / Ralph DiBugnara is a nationally recognized real estate professional. He is president of Home Qualified, a digital resource for buyers and sellers, and vice president of Cardinal Financial, a nationally recognized mortgage loan company. “Ralph is redefining the role of the banker in today’s buyer-centric real estate market.” Ralph is a real estate guru and trusted advisor who knows how to find solutions to capitalize on the industry.

Early life in Brooklyn

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Ralph’s family struggled financially, forcing his father to work multiple long hour jobs to support the family. This is how young Ralph imagined life without nourishing the motivation why he is today the expert in the field of real estate. He wanted to break the generation war in his family. In 2018, Ralph launched a website called Home Qualified. The website reports on the latest real estate forecast news that will affect the market. Ralph is also the vice president of Cardinal Financial, recognized as one of the top 15 lenders in the country. With over 20 years of experience in various industries, Ralph is always ready to weather the storm. His agency survived the 2008 financial crisis while most of the other agencies closed their doors. This made one thing clear: Ralph knows how to operate effectively in stormy waters and in the real estate industry, and this is a must.

Because of the pandemic

In the midst of COVID, Ralph has provided advice on how to capitalize on investments and manage real estate during these troubled times. He also has his own series called The Real Estate Disruptors interviewing guests about investing, real estate advice and advice. Dibugnara aims to create a better environment for market professionals who need to approach the market differently. Ralph speaks on his podcast series about various creative financing techniques through wholesale, flipping, and rental property purchases. He also discusses where to find private moneylenders and how to travel the ups and downs of a real estate entrepreneur.

Launch of the Real Estate Disruptor Platform

Ralph Dibugnara’s new program is focused on creating an elite network of industry leaders to both help seasoned brokers thrive in this new social media economy and train young emerging brokers to get bigger deals and the meet high standards at eight and nine digit investment deals.

If you’re a real estate agent, loan officer, or entrepreneur looking to grow your brand online and find out how to monetize your social presence, you need to join us at The Real Estate Disruptor. You will have the opportunity to learn online from Ralph as well as world-class influencers selected by Ralph including Sickamore, Paul Getter, Tony Delgado, Vicky Llerena, Eulogio Medina, Jen Morilla, Glenn Asher, Ravi Abuvala, Lynn Hazan and Vova Tess, Ed Stulak and many more reveal inside secrets on building a for-profit brand that is guaranteed to maximize your leads, multiply your wealth, and generate media coverage.

Ralph is maneuvering his way through the next generation of real estate investors and changing the face of the industry when it comes to the millennial generation. He is dedicated to his expertise and is able to do just about anything when it comes to real estate.

Announcement of the Generation Disruptor Scholarship

The reason for the scholarship

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I strongly believe that in order to have a great impact we must distance ourselves from the norm of our life and find purpose in elevating someone’s life to help them achieve greatness. I built a successful career through hard work and seized the right opportunities. But what if I were never offered these opportunities? If the sound of my accent, the color of my skin, my ethnic background, or religious beliefs had prevented me from taking advantage of the same opportunities – what would I have done?

The increasing diversity and challenges of our society remind us that all Americans should have access to higher education and higher employment opportunities. The future of our nation’s economy, democracy, and quality of life depends on our youth who will help build and build a stronger and more diverse America. These potential leaders, historically from socio-economically disadvantaged groups, are the great leaders our country needs to move forward as an entrenched nation.

For this reason, I am announcing the Generation Disruptor scholarship program. To address the issue and bridge the gap between access to wealth and the education our youth deserve, I would like to offer three fellows the opportunity to build lucrative careers in real estate.

The first grade of the Generation Disruptor Scholarship Program consists of three selected applicants who face racial inequality, social injustice, or inequitable access to education and are between 18 and 25 years old. These three people are paid $ 500 per week for 12 weeks to learn skills through the Mortgage Loan Advisor Training Program or the Real Estate Agent Training Program. After successfully completing their 90-day program, they will receive a sponsorship to pass their license examination as a Licensed Loan Officer or Licensed Real Estate Agent. Once they pass these exams, they will be offered a full-time position in their chosen area.

These two businesses changed my life and that of my family. I want to make sure I give the same opportunity to someone else who may never have thought about these careers or had the opportunity to learn about their own abilities to succeed. This is my way of giving back and changing the narrative of the socio-economic problems I see every day. It is not enough to say “I will not change”; I have to do something.

The winners will be selected live on Instagram and Facebook!

Click the link below to apply:

Participants are limited to New York or New Jersey


More about Ralph Dibugnara

Home Qualified is a digital resource for buyers, sellers, and brokers driving today’s millennial market. Home Qualified is a web series curated and moderated by Ralph DiBugnara that addresses current trends and issues in the real estate industry. From neighborhood profiles to home improvement tips to insider interviews, Home Qualified serves as an indispensable online guide for current homeowners, first-time buyers, and potential investors.

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