Readers Share Their Top Real Estate Marketing Tips For Luxury Listings

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Specializing in high-end real estate brings its own challenges. As any luxury real estate agent will tell you, there is a science behind this – no wonder the area is difficult to break into. For starters, marketing luxury real estate requires a wider range of skills, technical know-how, and even a certain amount of aesthetic sensitivity. As Inman author Christy Murdock wrote here: “Less is more when it comes to luxurious aesthetics”.

Given all this, how can luxury agents differentiate themselves through marketing? What do you think is the # 1, Most Effective and Proven Tip when it comes to luxury listing marketing?

We asked readers that last week.


This is what our readers say:

  • Aside from 3D tours, video tours, feature sheets, high-end photography and staging, luxury agents need a network of other luxury agents that they can call in person and actively seek out buyer agents. International presence is a must. In addition, you have to sell the lifestyle. Lifestyle videos, neighborhood data, and a real experience for shoppers is what it’s all about.
  • Amazing photos
  • Saunter 360 You can see several examples on YouTube, type the words Saunter 360 and watch the videos of 1.9 million and 2.4 million
  • Never show all photos for luxury properties. Just one choice and make sure they all have the wow factor.
  • It is difficult to attract and educate buyers for a property with many unique features. With HomeTagz (, brokers can ensure that buyers and their brokers are informed about the features of the home that make it unique to stand out from the crowd.
  • Make good use of the drone for listing videos.
  • Create a feeling of exclusivity

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