Real Estate Expert Andrew Perrie Introduces His Marketing Secrets to Social Media Sites – Press Release

This multi-dash real estate marketer shares how he went from zero to over $ 25,000,000 in sales volume in 2020 and built 18,000 followers on Instagram.

Many companies have struggled to survive due to the pandemic and the real estate market is having a huge impact. With most people losing jobs and economic activity slowing due to the pandemic, real estate agents have struggled to get offers and sell properties. Real estate agents have had to triple their efforts as the market becomes more competitive. As such, real estate marketing expert Andrew Perrie shares his secrets of success. He does this through his social media sites teaching how he went from zero to over $ 25,000,000 in 2020.

Perrie, who is also an influencer, real estate investor, father of two, nearly three years old, and director of recruiting for one of Ontario’s fastest growing real estate companies, Revel Realty INC., Has a strong business and marketing background. With in-depth market knowledge and an exuberant personality, he offers first-class real estate services. With his innovative perspective in promoting the future of the real estate industry, he brings strategic video marketing content to his business.

“It’s about building relationships, not customers,” said Perrie. He made sure his presence on social media grew and gained more than 18,000 followers on Instagram. He is also known as one of the most influential business leaders in his field, sharing motivational stories and tips that can help anyone succeed in any business.

“Here are my three most important pieces of advice. The first is communication. It is very important to be able to reply to emails and answer questions in detail within the first five minutes. The second is to double your strengths. Know what you can do and focus on it. And finally, use the art of leverage. Know that whatever you do can always be done more efficiently, ”said Perrie.

As a great leader, Perrie believes in developing from within and providing opportunities for people. By building a personal relationship, having good networking skills, and relying on his strong social media presence, he was able to quickly build his branding and referral business in just one year. In most cases this takes years.

Perrie’s customers confirm his services and provide feedback on his website. “Andrew helped my family not only sell our house, but also find our perfect house! We had many specific needs and he listened carefully and was in close contact with us at all times. I wouldn’t choose another agent. He was very friendly and thoughtful throughout the process and afterwards. I highly recommend him when it comes to real estate, “said Brianne Taylor, one of Perrie’s former clients.

Interested customers can reach Perrie and his team at for real estate inquiries. Agents who want to see how he uses social media to sell more properties can check this out @aperrie on Instagram. He also has a Facebook account and a YouTube channel where he shares more details about his marketing strategies. Perrie is also a real estate investor. Follow him on social media for tips on investing.

About Andrew Perrie

Andrew Perrie is a real estate professional, influencer, marketer, and recruiting director for Revel Realty Inc. He heads the Fine Estates team at one of Ontario’s fastest growing independent brokerage firms, Revel Realty INC.,. The Fine Estate team consists of first-class brokers who value customer relationships and offer strong service and a strong perspective in the real estate industry.

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