Real Estate Marketing Strategy Must-Haves in 2020 — RISMedia |

Do you have a working real estate marketing strategy for the new year? Now is the time to buckle up and find out what you are going to do to get your name out there in 2020.

We’re not talking about putting all of your money into online advertising or getting your face on a local park bench. To really market yourself, you need to develop a strategy based on the fundamentals of a solid business. This is the most effective way to speed up lead generation and get more referrals in the New Year.

When creating your 2020 marketing plan, make sure you consider these three essential elements:

Marketing pieces that add value
To stand out from your customers and demonstrate a high level of care, you need to provide them with consistent value. You can send them an informative monthly mailer with updates on tax law, information on investment property, or what to consider when buying or selling. If your customers receive this helpful information on a regular basis, you will keep an overview and they will see you as their contact person for all real estate matters.

A personalized follow-up strategy
After providing the value, add a tracking strategy beyond email. Call your customers to check in and ask about the valuable item they received. Write and send personal notes thanking you for their business deals and recommendations. Get face to face and deliver small gifts of appreciation, like hot chocolate mix or candy hearts or chocolates all about Valentine’s Day. By tracking in this personalized way, you are going the extra mile to invest in relationships that support your business.

A system of tracking
It is important to leave room for follow-up in your marketing plan. If you neglect to track results, you will never know what works! Invest in a real estate CRM that contains your database and logs your lead generation activities. Weekly and monthly, check how many leads and referrals you’ve generated and find out what you need to adjust to be more successful in the future.

A successful real estate marketing strategy isn’t a strategy that prioritizes impersonal interactions on the internet or puts your face on a park bench. It prioritizes relationships and great service, and provides the ability to track results. Buffini & Company’s Referral Maker PRO Marketing Kit has all of the tools you need to execute that solid strategy, track results, and ultimately drive your lead generation. Find out what this program can do for your business.