Real Estate Note Buyer DICARO & ASSOCIATES, LLC Announces the Launch of a Training Program That Teaches Realtors to Sell Homes Using Owner Financing Strategies

Desire is the willingness to succeed. Training is the tool for success.

The top 1% of real estate agents use seller financing techniques to close tough deals … maybe that’s why they’re # 1.

Leading mortgage loan buyer, DICARO & ASSOCIATES, LLC, today launched a program teaching expert-level real estate agents and brokers techniques to rescue businesses that fail due to unqualified borrowers or unqualified real estate. As a result, these unqualified parties are turned into closed deals and satisfied customers.

The training program is called “Temporary Co-Op Financing for Realtors”. TCF, in short, teaches techniques that enable real estate professionals to help their clients sell their homes faster and for more money, even when a potential home sale cannot be completed due to a bank loan refusal.

For a limited time, DICARO & ASSOCIATES is holding a free 30-minute training course for all real estate agents and brokers who want to learn these little-known techniques as an incentive to start the program. You can find these introductory incentives at

Nicholas di Caro, TCF Tech Chief Instructor, says, “Ask the best realtor in your town if he or she knows how to save a business when mortgage lenders refuse to finance. I bet 99 out of 100 agents would draw loopholes. This information is simply not taught anywhere else. There is a real need in the market for agents and their customers. “

Most real estate agents and brokers get frustrated when they cannot complete a home purchase. However, often it is not their fault just because the home buyer has been denied a home loan by his mortgage lender. In addition, funding can fail if the house needs a little work or if it is a unique type of property such as industrial property or raw land. All of this can easily be funded and completed using a collaborative strategy called Temporary Co-Op Financing.

Nicholas di Caro is Senior Investment Partner of DICARO & ASSOCIATES, LLC. They operate in all 50 states from their Chicago, Illinois location, investing in distressed and distressed real estate bonds ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 5,000,000. You are actively buying privately owned mortgage letters, trust agreements, and land contracts backed by single-family homes, RVs with land, and commercial properties. They have the option to buy banknotes other companies have declined, plus creative buying options that are new to the industry. Learn more at

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