Real Estate Profits Correlate To A Strong Marketing Strategy

Real estate marketing has been widespread since the beginning of buying and selling real estate. The premise of marketing at its core was created to manage transactions and allow the parties to reach an agreement through thorough negotiation. It’s hard to imagine an industry that has more to do with this concept of exchange than the real estate industry, where real estate is bought and sold every day around the world.

The marketing methods in our industry have evolved significantly over time. Photography played an important role in early real estate marketing, as buyers could see the property transparently for the first time without having to be physically present. This was the first and most productive advance in modern real estate marketing.

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) was founded towards the end of the 19th century. At the time, it was a primitive system that allowed real estate agents to share their inventory and sell their clients’ properties quickly.

Since then, the advent of the internet has once again changed the real estate marketing landscape dramatically. There has been a complete shift from obsolete real estate marketing business practices to modern, new age techniques. Implementing these techniques can dramatically increase a real estate company’s net income.

Some of the most effective methods that should be considered by a real estate professional are:

A unique web presence: This should include a modern website that is easy to navigate and creates a strong overall impact. I often find it interesting that some very large companies have insufficient online presence. Very effective marketing combined with an appealing, aesthetically pleasing and functional website can result in consumers and the general public perceiving a relatively small or startup company as an enormously successful company.

Business Profiles: Company profiles should be strategically placed across the web in the largest branches. These can ultimately be discovered using Google, Bing and Yahoo, which leads to better search results.

Press releases: Press releases with important keywords should be sent out continuously. At the same time, you should try to keep them unique and only use them if you have a remarkable story.

SEO: On-page and off-page SEO is essential. A strong SEO strategy will allow you to outperform your competitors on keyword results and increase organic traffic to your real estate company.

Email campaigns: Email campaigns are essential to staying in front of your target audience. All too often, campaign emails look promotional and lack a clear call to action. Keep your emails simple, and most importantly, make them feel personal and like you’ve sent them straight to each recipient. This will help inspire your recipes to respond and can increase your engagement exponentially.

Google advertising: Knowing and using the keywords relevant to your real estate business can be a tremendous asset to the overall business development effort.

Online reviews: The net effect of strong and accurate evaluations should not be underestimated. Your confidence factor can correlate with a dramatic increase in business, giving your real estate company an opportunity to convert potential clients with ease.

Social media: Social media is a crucial element of any effective marketing strategy. By using LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and the like, you can generate significant brand awareness and increase traffic. Build pages on these sites and focus on an overall strong branding strategy with appropriate handles and social media content. Sending relevant content to your followers is vital.

Facebook and LinkedIn ads: Running ads on Facebook and LinkedIn with a laser focus on your prospect and territory is a great way to get traffic to your real estate business quickly. In addition, it can be a great tool for retargeting campaigns.

Social Media Influencer: While finding the right social media influencer can be a challenge and often comes with a high price, a well-coordinated influencer partnership can encourage tremendous lead flow. The search for employees in congruent industries with significant successes and successes can lead to an increased trust factor.

TV and radio advertising: While this can be prohibitive for most people, it is an effective way to gain notoriety, build trust, and attract new customers. Look for unique channels and niches. Hosting local talk shows and positioning your company and yourself as a leading expert in your field can greatly benefit your business.

To press: Magazine ads, postcards, and mailers on an ongoing basis – possibly monthly or quarterly – can help keep you and your business relevant. Focus on overall brand awareness and keep the call to action simple yet direct. At first glance, it may seem like a low return on investment, but over time and with continued effort, it tends to pay off.

Lead generation methods: Unique lead generation is paramount. The vast majority of real estate companies (both commercial and residential) should offer some lead generation to their real estate professionals. Without this vital element, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to recruit the real estate professional first and then ultimately keep them. These campaigns can be complex and extremely innovative. However, in every business there is an opportunity to find a method, implement it successfully and get huge results.

The marketing mix is ​​constantly evolving. The most successful real estate companies and executives are quick to adopt and embrace these methods as they work diligently to perfect them. Maintaining the status quo in the real estate industry will result in inadequate profits, and real estate companies and industry executives are smart to think outside the box about implementing new, innovative methods that will save time and money while dramatically increasing bottom line results.