Real estate transactions for Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021 | Business & Economy

bella, Michael, Paducah, Ky., Too Rios, Roberto A., Moline; 405 45th St., Moline; $ 78,500.

Mendoza, Sr., Mario L., Moline, to Stone king, Christina Nicole, Moline; 4520 49. St. Ct., Moline; $ 149,000.

Fitzsimmons, Deanna, Estate, Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, to Law, Bailey, Moline; 1816 11th Avenue, Moline; $ 136,000.

Moynihan, Sue W., Prospectus, Tenn., To Lancour, Fall and Cuellar, Mark, Rock Island; 3320 26th St., Rock Island; $ 115,000.

Gustmann, Keela K. and Vern, Moline, to Sunny, Sherin, Cupertino, California; 1811-1813 48th St. Place, Moline; $ 135,000.

Williams, Melissa Kay, Orange Park, Florida, to Man, George, Jr., East Moline; 233 28th Avenue, East Moline; $ 85,500.

Verstraete, William and Cheryl L., Estero, Florida, to LeeBold, Jonathan R., Milan; 316 W. 28th Avenue, Milan; $ 130,000.

Jasper, Parker A. and Randall A., New Windsor, Illinois, too Torrence, Chad A. and Jocelyn D., Milan; 618 W. 32nd Avenue, Milan; $ 130,000.

Klaus, Justin and Chelsea, Geneseo, too Marsden, Tami Kae, Port Byron; 706 S. Main St., Port Byron; $ 152,500.