Real estate trends to follow in 2022 | Home & Garden

To say that the real estate market has changed and evolved over the past year would be a slight understatement. Home prices have skyrocketed in the past 365 days. The home values ​​of the owners have climbed ever higher. Housing competition is extremely tough. Investors are grabbing real estate in every market – big and small. Buyers who could normally secure homes are priced left and right.

The upward trend in house purchases, fueled by the pandemic, will continue towards the end of 2021. In most markets, homes are still being sold too far above asking price even though the property season is historically slow. Buyers still struggle to find homes in most markets. Cash purchases dominate. Most markets are still facing extremely low housing stocks. And property values ​​are still skyrocketing for the happy homeowners who have managed to secure property for themselves.

With so many unusual trends in the housing market, what will happen to real estate in 2022? Will the markets continue to burn? Will the pandemic further fuel low interest rates? Perhaps most importantly, what to expect from the dominant property trends over the next year – and why?

To answer these burning real estate questions, the rent-to-own platform ZeroDown has compiled a list of 10 real estate trends to track in 2022 using information from real estate agents, forecasting models, brokers and other real estate experts. Here’s what that information showed about next year’s property trends.