‘Selling Sunset’ Star Emma Hernan’s Business Ventures Outside of Real Estate

Selling Sunset is back with season 4. This time around, there’s a new agent in the cast of the Netflix series. Or should we rather say a business mogul? Learn about Emma Hernan and the business she runs outside of her job as a real estate agent.

Emma Hernan | Netflix

Emma Hernan is Selling Sunset’s newest real estate agent

Hernan joins the cast of Selling Sunset in season 4 along with another new agent, Vanessa Villela. “If you sell Sunset fans, those Oppenheim couches get a little more crowded in season 4,” tweeted Netflix to introduce the new line-up. “Vanessa Villela, a Mexican-American novela star turned real estate agent, and Emma Hernan, an entrepreneur who has an interesting story with the ladies, have joined the cast.”

Those Oppenheim couches that Sunset fans sell get a little more crowded in season 4.

Vanessa Villela, a Mexican-American novela star turned real estate agent, and Emma Hernan, an entrepreneur who has an interesting story with the ladies, have joined the cast pic.twitter.com/lkX9TO8eBt

– Netflix (@netflix) May 26, 2021

Villela looks familiar to some from her time as a soap opera actress in series such as Romántica obsesión and Un nuevo amor. Hernan now has her hands in several other companies.

As Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald revealed to Showbiz Cheat Sheet in November 2021, Hernan has been with the Oppenheim group for several years. “[Hernan and I] have been friends for probably four or five years, ”shares Fitzgerald. “She worked for the Oppenheim group before she came on the show.”

Hernan has been in the real estate space for three years, according to Nylon. “I was always out with Jason and looked at properties [Oppenheim] and board [Oppenheim] every weekend and they said, ‘You have to get your driver’s license. You absorb knowledge like a sponge, ”she says of her entry into the business. Now she’s also a performer on Selling Sunset.

Selling Sunset star has experience in the stock market

When Hernan teases in season 4 of Selling Sunset, she has been investing in stocks since she was a teenager. ” [I babysat for a man who] … was on the stock exchange, “explained Hernan Nylon. “When I napped the kids instead of watching TV, I would look at all of these stocks he was investing in.”

Hernan took the money she made babysitting and started investing in stocks and health care. After all, she made enough to invest in other ventures like startup companies.

Emma Leigh & Co. is Emma Hernan’s empanada business

In addition to real estate and investments, Hernan also owns Emma Leigh & Co., a food brand. “My grandfather, Gerry McAdams, founded Yankee Trader Seafood in Massachusetts in 1994 and is now a third generation family business,” writes Hernan on her company website. “I’m now lucky enough to put on my own chef’s hat and apron to promote Emma Leigh Brands, which is made right here in the USA!”

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Hernan works with Beyond Meat to create empanadas with a variety of flavors – which appear multiple times in season 4 of Selling Sunset. “I want to inspire young girls to go outside and work as hard as possible and they can achieve anything I have and more.”

See more of Hernan – including her connection with Christine Quinn – in season 4 of Selling Sunset. New episodes are now available.