Text marketing startup Voxie raises $6.7M – TechCrunch

Like many startups, Atlanta-based Voxie was formed to solve an issue that founder and CEO Bogdan Constantin was facing.

In Constantin’s case, that was at his previous tuxedo rental startup Menguin (ultimately acquired by Generation Tux), where he said he had to market a product with a six to nine month sales cycle as customers typically weigh different options for their weddings .

According to Constantin, email marketing would lead to deteriorating open rates over time. One day he decided to simply text everyone who signed up and introduce himself as “your personal stylist here at Menguin”. Unsurprisingly, he received many more responses.

The challenge, of course, is to have these types of text conversations across a large customer base. And that’s why Voxie – which announces it has raised $ 6.7 million in Series A funding – provides tools that organizations can use to automate and manage this process.

Constantin claimed that messages sent through Voxie felt like a real, personalized conversation compared to other text marketing tools – although 80% to 90% are actually automated and the rest of the messages are written by people. In addition, Voxie allows companies to send their messages from a standard 10-digit phone number (instead of the more common five-digit numbers used for marketing).

Credit: Voxie

Voxie was originally developed for large corporate customers, but Constantin said the company built a lower-cost version during the pandemic that is now being used by “many retail, restaurant franchise and major street brands that are currently struggling. ”

He added, “We work with brands that have hundreds of locations across the country and need a better way to attract their customers – ask their names, how many children they have and that information at the individual profile level save. ”

Current Voxie customers include LG, Danone, Massage Heights and Buff City Soap.

The financing was meanwhile led by Noro-Moseley Partners. with the participation of Circadian Ventures and Engage Ventures as well as the entrepreneurs Wain Kellum, Andy Powell, David Cummings and Fred Castellucci from Atlanta.

“Voxie leads the market as the only platform that enables brands to have personalized conversations with customers on a large scale. We believe this will be the key for target customers to thrive in a post-COVID world,” said John Ale from Noro-Moseley in a statement. “Companies love Voxie because they see significant revenue growth quickly, and the personalization of the content means that customers will find the news useful and extremely relevant to their needs.”

Next, Constantin said the company will roll out the “Buy Answer” feature, which will allow customers to place orders directly from their text conversations. While Voxie is currently focused on text messaging, he claims his vision is broader: “We want to get the right message across the right medium at the right time.”