The new marketing strategies real estate agents are trying in 2022

Start the fall with Inman’s Marketing and Branding Month. We dig deep into agent branding and spending best practices with Zillow,, and others. Top marketing managers also stop by to share their latest tactics. That’s all it takes to take your branding and marketing game to the next level.

Pulse is a recurring column in which we ask readers for opinions on various topics in a weekly survey and report on our results.

If you’ve already started planning for 2022 and redesigned your marketing plan, you are not alone. It’s never too early to start, and autumn is the perfect opportunity to ponder the future. That’s why we asked you last week to let us know the changes you’d like to introduce to your marketing roadmap for the next year.

Do you use video? Have you taken advantage of the many, many advantages Instagram has to offer, especially with its Reels function? What about facebook This is how our readers responded:

  • Instagram roles
  • Facebook advertising
  • I join Facebook groups in major cities where people regularly move to my state
  • Video
  • Add floor plans or interactive floor plans
  • Updating and refining my database in Constant Contact
  • Update my newsletter

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