Three Novel Visual Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Stand Out from the Crowd

Brokers and real estate agents go out of their way to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Using SEO, Google local business pages, listings on niche websites and power networks like Zillow and Trulia, and creative use of social media are common marketing tactics that aid the process.

But there are also more advanced strategies that appeal to home buyers while also making each real estate business stand out from the rest. Brokers willing to go that extra mile and invest some time, money, and effort will see the results: more leads and faster sales. Here are three novel real estate marketing ideas that can help achieve these goals.

  1. 3D walkthroughs

Since COVID-19 affects marketing tactics such as open house tours by potential buyers, investing in software that generates complete 3D solutions is an innovative alternative that also offers many other benefits:

  • Potential buyers will see and explore the property in stunning 3D (not possible with photos or 360 ° video tours) to get a sense of actually being there.
  • Reduce or eliminate in-person visits and save time so you can focus on other marketing strategies.
  • Allow interested customers and acquaintances of potential buyers to share the property with third parties in order to receive feedback.
  • Avoid visiting property with customers who may not think the property is for their needs.
  • Be realistic about buyers’ expectations once they take the 3D tour.

If this sounds like a viable marketing idea for your real estate business, some companies have the software you need:

  • Matterport: Create comprehensive 360 ​​° 3D walkthroughs to list or evaluate properties, document remodeling projects, and close properties faster. 74% of agents using Matterport win more offers.
  • RTV: offers software for virtual 360º tour productions and 360 / 3D complete solutions that are 100% compatible with other third-party media, including Matterport.
  • Concept3D: Offers virtual tours with 360 ° photos and rendered panoramas. Create map-based tours that can be combined with interactive maps or fully immersive, custom 360 ° VR tours.
  • Immoviewer: Create affordable and scalable 3D 360 ° tours. Generate individual listing landing pages from your listing feed and create floor plans without measuring.
  1. Virtual staging

A 2018 study by Home Staging Resource found that 85% of the 4,200+ staged homes got at least 6 to 25% more from sales than unstaged homes in the same market.

House staging is a process that enables potential buyers to see what their future home will look like when fully renovated. Hiring a designer is an expensive proposition, especially when you consider that the buyer might want to change the decor after all. Virtual staging software is cheaper than a designer, and you can use it for more than one listing. Here are the main advantages of virtual staging:

  • The virtual staging helps interested buyers to visualize a property as a potential home.
  • Realtors can redesign everything in a home with virtual staging without having to make real-life changes: floors, walls, furniture, accessories and decor.
  • Virtual staging saves time and money that would otherwise be spent on an interior designer and a construction team.

There are several options for virtual staging platforms with prices ranging from affordable to premium. Here are a few you might want to consider:

  • VHT Studios: Virtual staging for rooms that need additional help, regardless of whether they are empty, furnished or simply need to be tidied up.
  • Virtual Staging Lab: Interior design meets virtual technology so you can sell a home faster and at a better price.
  • IBD Luxury Home Staging by Barion Design: Combine luxury home staging and high-end design with cutting edge rendering technology to satisfy the most discerning buyers.
  1. Drone photography and video

Whether you are investing in a drone to create your own pictures and video clips, or opting for a third-party service, this marketing strategy can help your real estate business stand out from the crowd. With drone imagery, you can:

  • Show an aerial view of a collection.
  • Give potential buyers an idea of ​​the architectural design, property, landscape, and neighborhood of the home.
  • Present additional amenities and facilities (pool, garden, garage, etc.) in a complete context.
  • Boost your listing’s traffic by turning on social media sharing for your drone photography and video.
  • Impress potential buyers before a face-to-face meeting.

If you want to use drone imagery as a real estate marketing strategy and don’t have the time or skills for a DIY option with your drone, there are several third-party services that can help. Among them:

  • Drone Base: Drone photography and video services that allow you to showcase any home from the sky at a fraction of the cost and time. Prices start at $ 269 for a starter pack that includes fifteen high-resolution aerial images and five high-resolution aerial video clips.
  • SeekNow’s HouseLens: Drone operator for real estate and land on the water, drone photos and videos. Contact them for a custom quote.
  • Dronegenuity: Using drones for magazine quality aerial photos and 4K HD quality videos. Contact them for pricing.

These novel real estate marketing ideas will satisfy your potential buyers, increase qualified leads, maximize brand value, and differentiate your business from your competition.