True North Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust Announces Sale of 5900 Explorer Drive, Mississauga


TORONTO, June 1, 2021 / CNW / – True North Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust (TSX: TNT.UN) (the “REIT”) is pleased to announce that the sale of a 40,000-square-foot office property on 5900 Explorer Drive, Mississauga, Ontario (the “GTA Property”) for sale at $ 11.9 million, without transaction costs. The REIT intends to use the net proceeds for general escrow purposes and future acquisitions.

“The 5900 Explorer Drive divestment represents the continuous transition in the REIT’s evolution towards larger assets in urban markets while opportunistically disposing of an asset above its original purchase price and IFRS value,” said Leslie Veiner, the Chief Executive Officer of the REIT. “We remain committed to continuing our capital recycling and acquisition program in 2021 and into the future.”

The GTA property is a two story office building on 2.55 acres in Mississaugas Airport Corporate Center and was bought by the REIT in August 2016 for $ 10.5 million. Without transaction costs, the REIT will presumably a $ 1.8 million Capital gain above fair value from Q1-2021.

About the REIT

The REIT is an unregistered, open-ended real estate investment trust established under the laws of the province Ontario. The REIT currently owns and operates a portfolio of 45 properties, approximately 4.8 million square feet in urban and select strategic secondary markets throughout Canada. The REIT is focused on growing its portfolio primarily through acquisitions across the country Canada and other jurisdictions where opportunities exist.

Further information on the REIT can be found at or on the REIT’s website at

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