Vantage West Realty Launches Expansion Partnership Opportunities for Real Estate Agents Across North America

Vantage West Realty offers world-class real estate agent training through the Vantage West Academy.

Recent advances in technology seem to be slowly draining the “middleman”. There are many artists who publish their music on platforms without managers and record labels. There are thousands of small businesses selling their homemade goods direct to consumers online. Today it permeates various industries, including real estate.

It becomes clear that the real estate brokerage model that has existed for a century seems to have had its day. Many would argue that everyone involved fails. Customers have a hard time getting involved in value exchanges, the average realtor struggles to make ends meet selling fewer than 9 homes a year, and there seems to be a race to the bottom in the brokerage world like publicly traded companies profoundly show quarterly losses competing for agents due to ever lower costs.

Vantage West founder Adrian Hazzi believes that in today’s technology-driven world, a broker still has a place. His 13-year-old company is pioneering a premium model in which customers are served at the highest level and rave about the service (see the 700+ Google reviews). their private life. The secret lies in their unique team approach. And what they call the “Leverage Track”

Starting in 2022, Vantage West Realty will share its advanced new model through its Vantage West Academy. With opportunities for joint venture partnerships in select provinces and states across the continent. These partnerships offer world class production agents and team leaders the opportunity to take the leap into brokerage ownership without reinventing the wheel or years of developing the systems. They can simply be connected directly to a proven platform and scaled from there.

Vantage West Realty offers its real estate agents a wide range of broker-level services, from client concierge to licensed inside sales agents, executive assistance, a full in-house marketing agency and of course their top-notch training that enables them to be in their chosen niche .

This allows agents to focus more on the advisory part of the transaction, the part that customers really value and that provides solid advice and service. Additionally, brokers are in the best position to provide unbiased advice without worrying about where their next client comes from or high monthly expenses. Vantage takes those worries off the table and uses its agents to focus on delivering a 5-star advisory service

Generating leads is an important point in a competitive environment like the real estate market. Fortunately for brokers, Vantage West has an extensive customer acquisition plan that ensures brokers get a steady supply of appointments. In addition, their groundbreaking buyer and seller programs solve the big problems and create safety for today’s consumer. Programs such as “Instant Offer”, “Guaranteed Sale”, Buy-be-for-you-sell, “Trade in” and “Fix and List” give the Vantage agent a whole Swiss Army Knife of tools that he can offer his customers .

Vantage West Academy doesn’t just train its real estate agents in skill development. As a leading real estate investment advisory firm, Vantage also encourages its brokers to start and expand their own real estate investment portfolios and improve their passive cash flow to bring stability and security to their own lives and work worry-free the next check will arrive .

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About Vantage West Realty

As the leading real estate company in British Columbia, Vantage West Realty supports property owners every step of the way, whether they are buying, selling or investing. The company was founded in 2008 and has successfully overcome the global financial crisis. Their recession-proof business model and successful track record are evidenced by the recently won Consumers Choice Award for 2021.

The goal of Vantage West Realty is to bring the broker license to the level of a law firm in terms of standards in professional service. The company also aims to transform the public perception of real estate agents and the real estate industry itself.

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