YieldStreet Launches New Fund, Further Unlocking Investment In Commercial Real Estate

YieldStreet, an alternative investment platform, officially announced the launch of the Real Estate Opportunity Fund.

What happened: YieldStreet enables millions of people to generate income from investments previously reserved for institutions and ultra-healthy people.

In cooperation with Harbor Group International (HGI), YieldStreet launched the Real Estate Opportunity Fund as part of the vision of enabling investors to get involved in commercial real estate investments.

“In the past, opportunities to invest in private real estate with a specialist manager like Harbor Group have required a minimum of a few hundred thousand dollars for individuals or tens of millions for institutions. The Real Estate Opportunity Fund is expected to provide retail investors with access at one-tenth the traditional cost. This is the first time such strategies are so accessible, ”said Michael Weisz, Founder and President of Yieldstreet. “We are excited to invest with an experienced manager like the Harbor Group.”

Why it matters: COVID-19 created asymmetrical real estate investment opportunities. The new Real Estate Opportunity Fund will be involved in financing diversified real estate assets so investors can benefit from the upcoming economic recovery.

“We are pleased that Yieldstreet is offering individual investors exposure to a portion of Harbor Group International’s commercial real estate investments. By combining Yieldstreet’s technology know-how and HGI’s know-how in real estate investments, the fund offers Yieldstreet investors a wide range of real estate opportunities, ”said Richard Litton, President of Harbor Group International.

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels.

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