5 Educational Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Agents

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions a person can make. Of course, trust in a real estate agent remains vital. In 2018, the National Association of Realtors found that buyers worked with a realtor 87% of the time to find their home. Although the first process may begin online, ultimately home buyers seek advice from a trusted agent.

Many home buyers seek information to study the market before speaking to a realtor. One way that agents can differentiate themselves from the competition and gain customer trust is to demonstrate their knowledge through educational real estate marketing.

Educational tactics can help agents build reputations in their community. It can also be a great way to give back. Here are five educational real estate marketing ideas agents can take advantage of right now.

1. Organize seminars

Similar to a webinar, agents can host a training session to educate the local community about real estate issues. The advantage of a seminar is that it brings everyone together in person, not online. This makes it easier for agents to connect with people in person and connect with their audience.

Before organizing a seminar, agents should first determine their target audience. Do you want to connect with sellers or buyers? For example, an agent can target first-time home buyers by tailoring all of their educational content to suit them. They could cover topics like the home buying process, what to look for in a home, or the cost of owning a home.

Agents should focus on delivering value to attendees. You can also ask uncompetitive companies like lenders, insurance companies, and appraisers to co-host the meeting with them. As a result, the audience would get useful information from a wide variety of experts in their industry.

2. Speak at events

Local events are a great opportunity for agents to present themselves to their target audience. Speaking at an event helps agents educate their audience and increase their brand awareness.

There are several ways agents can ensure speaking obligations. Creating consistent, high quality content is one of them. Promoting high quality content draws attention to an agent’s brand. They also build their reputation as a real estate professional, which is a valuable resource, and make them an ideal candidate to speak at an event.

Agents should look for opportunities within their network and through industry organizations. You can search updated calendars for specific events by browsing sites like Meetup, Eventful, and Eventbrite.

After agents secure a spot as guest speaker, be sure to promote the event through their social networks and email marketing list.

3. Appears on a radio broadcast or podcast

Brokers can share their real estate knowledge by appearing on a radio segment or podcast. According to Edison Research, 32% of people have heard a podcast in the past month. It’s one of the best mediums for those who love to listen and learn something new on the go.

Real Estate Today Radio, for example, is a National Association of Realtors show that covers everything people need to know about selling or buying their home. The podcast includes interviews with experts to educate listeners on topics such as increasing their home value, the closing process, and market conditions.

Agents can deliver educational content through radio segments and podcasts. You can even start your own podcast and interview industry experts on the show.

It’s a great idea for brokers to share podcasts or radio shows with clients who want to learn more about the real estate industry.

4. Work with local schools

Coordinating with local schools to provide real estate lessons is a great way for realtors to get involved in their community and give back. For example, agents can work with a local high school to speak to students about their jobs as part of a career day.

Agents can also contact local colleges for real estate classes or evening adult education workshops. You should consider putting together courses on a variety of topics that might appeal to your audience.

5. Contribute to or start a blog

Agents can quickly blog and build their subscriber list by sharing valuable real estate tips and resources. Remember that consistency is vital in building an audience. Agents can write an article weekly that focuses on local stories that may interest potential home buyers and sellers.

Not all agents have the time to blog. However, it can become a post on a reputable local blog or publication. It’s a great way for real estate professionals to connect with other people and businesses in their community.

There are numerous educational ideas agents can incorporate into their marketing strategy. Educational tactics can help them build a reputation in their community and increase their brand awareness. Agents focused on becoming the focal point in their community should have great success at differentiating themselves from the competition and gaining customer trust.