Damon Woodward Explains How Real Estate Investing Can Mean a Better Life for Everyone in the Community

Inflation has risen alarmingly in recent years. Purchasing power has fallen by 90% since the 1950s. Every day it becomes more difficult for people to make enough money to live a decent life in a traditional nine-for-five job. Investing in real estate has become a booming industry in recent years.

According to Damon Woodward, that’s not surprising. He believes the main reason is that a lot more people are becoming real estate investors and wanting better income. Damon himself took the same path years ago when he said goodbye to a six-figure salary and ventured into the world of real estate.

Since then, Damon has become an incredibly successful investor; He became CEO of Leadway Holdings Ltd. and Blackcard Elite Academy Ltd. (Blackcard University). He successfully runs two million dollar companies.

When asked what contributed to his success, Damon said, “Developing skills and working with coaches and mentors is the only way to be successful in this game.” He adds, “I took a lot of advice from my coach to heart and dropped it all and traveled all over the country learning new skills and positioning myself among people who were very good at doing what I wanted. and the majority of people are just not willing to make these kinds of sacrifices in order to achieve their goals. “

However, Damon says the real estate industry shouldn’t just focus on buying luxury properties and flipping them at exorbitant prices. it should be much more than that. Damon points out that through real estate investments, he found a way to make meaningful contributions to society. Any properties he turns around are often renovated from the ground up, which in turn creates new jobs and adds beauty and appeal to the community.

Damon says, “I found a way to turn my investments into something that is beneficial to the entire community. All investors should have this ability too. Giving back to people and helping build and revitalize communities. Every property I buy needs renovation and that creates lots of new jobs for local craftsmen – plumbers, notaries, roofers and anyone else who could help. “

Damon also does a lot of renovating rundown homes to create comfortable and affordable homes. He says, “It is our duty as human beings to help other people. I strive to add value to everyone I cross with. It doesn’t matter if they are my business partners, employees, customers, students. I want to help everyone, whether they are friends or strangers. By renovating rundown homes, I can easily create affordable and comfortable homes for everyone despite their income. “

For more tips on becoming a professional entrepreneur, check out Damon’s YouTube channel and Instagram page (@ damonwoodward3). If you need a mentor and coach you can find one on the Blackcard University website.